The Dock

With a heavy sigh at all the days that have gone by.

From the day I was built, time was never on my side.

I have seen rafts and canoes, some old and new.

Boats, pontoons and what are those others? Ah yes, jet skis.

Many a time the sun has set, all the colors I have seen.

The young the old, hand in hand, watch the sky on my edge.

Weather has been hot, cold and wet.

With the wind, the water beats heavy on my legs.

Time is chipping away at my body.

I am leaning, creaking and sinking.

Time moves on.

One Day Tampa Bay 2012 Published Submissions

Dragon Boats @ 7;48am
Downtown @ 1;41pm
Skypoint@ 7;14pm
Cass St Bridge @ 7;35pm

Well the book is out and these were my submissions that were published. The book One Day Tampa Bay 2012 is available for purchase at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts or you can also purchase on There are one hundred plus pictures taken from around the Tampa Bay area in the 24 hours that was September 22, 2012. Next year we will do it all over so be on the watch out for One Day Tampa Bay September 22, 2013. I will have all my submissions loaded in the Events Gallery.

Electronics Alive VII

Electronic Alive 01

Electronics Alive VII at the University of Tampa located in the Bailey Art Studio, Scarfone/Hartley Gallery. The exhibit will run through February 23. An amazing show that has some great work by Santiago Echeverry, Doug Sutherland, Roger Chamieh and many more from around the world. Make a visit and enjoy. More info at

Juanito and Destiny the Rescue Kitties

Destiny y Juanito

Juanito our young red male tabby and Destiny our young female calico. During my Fall Honors Fiction class my fellow students requested that I publish a children’s book on the adventures of Juanito and Destiny. I am proceeding with that request. I will also start working on photo’s and blog entries here on my site to keep everyone up to date with these two young felines that have graced and blessed us with hours of joy, entertainment and unconditional love. Well as unconditional as cats can be 🙂

Contemplating the arrival of 2013

DestinyWith 2013 just around the corner it is time to reflect on life in 2012 and look forward to a more prosperous 2013. Destiny joined our family this past year and we look forward to many years of joy and writing experiences with her and her brother Juanito !!!